Catholic teaching of marriage

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Marital Sexuality

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Church Documents. The following is a selection of documents related to the Church's teaching on marriage, the family, and the person. For specific documents related to Church teaching on conjugal love, responsible parenthood and natural family planning, see this Church Teaching page.

Church Teaching on Marriage

Here is a compilation of quotes and statements on "gender ideology". The teaching of the Catholic church is that annulment and divorce therefore differ, both in rationale and effect; an annulment is a finding that a true marriage never existed, whereas a.

For example, a Catholic cannot marry validly except in the presence of a priest and two witnesses (unless there is a special dispensation from the local bishop for.

The Catholic Church, in its official teaching, has always taken a positive view of sexuality in marriage. Marital intercourse, says the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is “noble and honorable,” established by God so that “spouses should experience pleasure and enjoyment of body and spirit.” (#).

In many countries the situation of a mixed marriage (marriage between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic) often arises.

It requires particular attention on the part of couples and their pastors. A case of marriage with disparity of cult (between a Catholic and. A case of marriage with disparity of cult (between a Catholic and a nonbaptized person) requires even greater circumspection. Difference of confession between the spouses does not constitute an insurmountable obstacle for marriage, when they succeed in placing in common what they have received from their respective communities, and learn.

Catholic teaching of marriage
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Church Teachings - For Your Marriage