Drought in ca

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Water for the 21st Century

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California drought crisis

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Defining drought is based on impacts to water users. California is a big state and impacts vary with location. Hydrologic conditions causing impacts for water users in one location may not represent drought for water users in a different part of California, or for users with a different water supply.

Governor Brown Lifts Drought Emergency, Retains Prohibition on Wasteful Practices

California Department of Housing and Community Development Makes $11 Million Available for Residents Facing Water Shortages. October 16, - California families who have little or no drinking water as a result of the drought may qualify for a share of $11 million in funding from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

The California Water Science Center monitors the immediate impacts of drought on water availability and water quality through streamflow, surface water, and groundwater monitoring and data collection.

Droughts in California

In California, persistent dry conditions led to expansion of areas of drought in northern parts of the state where a dangerous and fast-moving wildfire broke out late last week in the Sierra Nevada foothills leading to destruction of the community of Paradise.

The Drought Impact Reporter (DIR) is an online archive to collect and display drought condition reports and impacts across the United States. Impact categories include agriculture, business and industry, energy, fire, plants and wildlife, public health, tourism and recreation, and water supply.

With the end of the statewide hydrologic drought from tothe Pacific Institute Drought Response Team is no longer providing monthly drought updates. We will .

Drought in ca
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