Snuff films

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Snuff Films

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The most pragmatic argument against the existence of snuff films is that such a film or tape would serve as explicit visual evidence of a crime — and no sane criminal would knowingly let such a recording fall into someone else’s hands, regardless of how much the client is willing to pay.

Mar 07,  · Another real footage snuff film, proven to be real.

Snuff film

Putting romors to rest that snuff films are fake. Possibly the most famous of all films pointed to as “snuff” is the Faces Of Death series, a sequence of six videos made up of footage of accidents, suicides, autopsies, and executions.

The most pragmatic argument against the existence of snuff films is that such a film or tape would serve as explicit visual evidence of a crime — and no sane criminal would knowingly let such a recording fall into someone else’s hands, regardless of how much the client is willing to pay.

I don't know if you've ever heard of snuff films, but essentially they're real films of people being murdered, raped and god knows what else. The film would cut between the clown, wolf and monkey carrying out depraved acts whilst the clown filmed.

After watching the extra three minutes around the clip in question, it seems like this is less a snuff film of 'common sense' than it is the prime minister doing a reasonably good job of handling [an] intensely religious Christian-adjacent heretic," Brown wrote.

Snuff films
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