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The Hows and Whys of Teaching Pronunciation

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Trends in teaching pronunciation are like a swinging pendulum—the emphasis goes from one extreme to the other. Until recently, the focus in pronunciation teaching was. Imitation. The first step in any successful pronunciation lesson is to give your students the opportunity to balmettes.com often, you will be the model that your students will copy, but you can also use other balmettes.com a recording from television, radio or the internet for variety.

And you can always bring in a guest speaker to expose your students to a different style of speech. Every ESL student should have a pronunciation element to his language studies. Sometimes, though, a student may need more than one strategy for tackling English pronunciation.

By making sure. Teaching English pronunciation is an area of language teaching that many English teachers avoid. While there are many textbooks and instruction manuals available, as well as books on the theories and methodologies of language teaching there is comparatively little on learning pronunciation.

Read posts from our TeachingEnglish bloggers and TeachingEnglish associates to get practical ideas about teaching pronunciation effectively.

Teaching Pronunciation Teaching pronunciation
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