Unit 201 supporting teaching and learning

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Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school

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Education with Integrity

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* Contains a DVD providing video clips so that learners can see and appraise the practice of other teaching/classroom assistants. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Heinemann Learning.


In addition at Level 3, there is a range of specialist qualifications, the Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Literacy, Language and Numeracy Learning, the Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Disabled Learners and the Level 3 Certificate in Communication Support for.

Learners undertaking this unit as part of the competence based qualifications, the Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools and the Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Wider Curriculum in Schools may be assessed using any method, or.

Early years foundation stage statutory framework (EYFS)

The standards that school and childcare providers must meet for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5. Unit 1 – Supporting teaching and learning activities in schools A teaching assistant can have discussions with the teacher after obtaining a copy of the prepared lesson plan.

Some time may need to be set aside for these discussions to take place, such as break or lunch times. may find fractions confusing. Learners may be confused by the fact that1 20 is smaller than 1 2 when previously they have learned that 20 is bigger than 2. There are also different ways of.

Unit 201 supporting teaching and learning
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